Swingin’ Lines

With last nights bink on the NHL parlay, the Pup is batting a scorching 1.000 on the year. If you’re interested in money, then the time is now to get on the train with us to the promised land. Señor and I have been cooking up new deals on S3 subscription packages. With a premium package you will get exclusive… Read more →

Rising From The Ashes

Another year, another rise from the ashes for Strokin 3’s. In true Pup fashion, I’m starting it off with a quick parlay. Join me on this adventure to prosperity the likes this world has never seen before. Please gamble responsibly. Maple Leafs -1.5 over Red Wings Blackhawks vs Blues Over 5.5 Bet 1 unit to profit 4.46 units Read more →

The Unexplainable, Explained

Not long after going O-fer on my parlay last week, I dug deeper into how that could even be possible. Spoiler: It’s not. After rechecking my parlay-driven algorithm, the stunning results showed that there is a Global Anti-Parlay Network that has made it’s way into Canada. Sportsbooks from around the world have been funding this effort, as it’s been said… Read more →

Return of The Pup

For the past 9 months, The Parlay Puppy has been compiling analytical athletic data and feeding it into a complex parlay-driven algorithm. What this data has unveiled is a one-of-a-kind set of rules that will deliver bink after bink. I will be following these rules, so come along on a ride with The Pup to financial freedom. My partner Senor… Read more →

If The Winter Olympics Were In 2015

Today we are diving deep into an alternate hockey universe. Somewhere out “there” is a place exactly like the world we live today. In our real world, the first Winter Olympic Games took place in 1924. In the alternate universe, the Games did not appear until 1925. Although only one year later, there are some massive changes that have taken… Read more →

Little Pup

Little pup’s winning ways continued last night. Binking another ‘dog filled parlay has shot me up into double digit profits. Hopefully you’ve been mimicking these picks and are enjoying this newfound fortune. Look for today’s parlays to continue the recent heater. Col Blue Jackets PL (-1.5) vs Car Hurricanes +200 Phi Flyers @ Ott Senators under 5.5 goals -110 Betting… Read more →


When you’re hot, you’re hot. And right now, he pup is on fire! Binking another parlay last night, it feels like this Bink thing is going to be a regular occurrence. If you haven’t hopped on board and matched my bets, well you’re the only one to blame. Tonight I ride the waves of success and strike while the iron… Read more →

The Sure Thing

Well it looks like I’m back in the green. Although I’m only 2-7, the profits are shining brightly. If you’ve hopped on board and been playing my picks then your bank account should thank me. Expect more success tonight as I lay down seperate parlays for the NBA & NHL. Chi Bulls ML (+100) @ Cha Hornets Sac Kings (-4)… Read more →

The Eternal Chase

Haters Gonna hate, but sometimes a cold streak will hit. You must persevere. To do that, I’m doing what any reasonable gambler would do… double down again, because I’m due for a win. Empty your bank accounts, remortgage your house, do whatever it takes to join me on this journey to Binksville, USA tonight. Cle Cavaliers (-1.5) at SA Spurs… Read more →

Chasing Losses

One of the best gambling strategies is to chase your losses. If you lose, just double down and you can win it all back in one go. Tonight I plan on doing just that with a little NBA & NHL mixed parlay. Chicago Bulls (-6.5) at Phi 76ers -110 Calgary Flames ML vs Ana Ducks +135 Betting 2 units to… Read more →