New Years Resolution

I’m not typically a guy who makes New Years resolutions, but this year and I guess the rest of my life I am going to have to.

Like most people I have been let down in certain situations from family, friends, SOs and co-workers throughout my time on the planet. But, the person who has let me down the most is someone who I have actually never met and hope to keep it that way to protect myself from jail time. Eli Manning. The younger of the Manning bros has shaved years off my life expectancy and dollars out of my wallet since I first started wagering on sports years ago.

Whenever I have needed Eli to cover the line, he’s thrown picks. Whenever I’ve wagered against Eli, he plays like Brady. I have sworn off Eli games numerous times in my handicapping career but last night was the third strike.

My New Years Resolution for 2017 and beyond is NO MORE ELI MANNING. I will need everyone’s support on this as my deep hatred for him is at an all-time high and will enjoy watching him fail.

Happy Holidays and I will get us back in the winning column this weekend.


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