Monthly Archives: February 2015

Señor’s Saturday Selection

Hopefully everyone started off their Saturday morning reading about proper bankroll management and are ready for a fresh streak of winners.   The Flyers have struggled as of late as they chase the Bruins for the last playoff slot in the East. Luckily for the Orangemen they will have a familiar face back in the pipes. Mason cleared the cobwebs off… Read more →

Bankroll Management

After yesterdays 0 for 3 performance I thought I was necessary to release my golden rule of wagering, Bankroll Management. Please enjoy responsibly! Lesson 1: Bankroll Management Are you prepared to lose all of your hard earned cash on a hot-tip from the Grammys or 15 seconds in your home-town casino? I would believe that  99.9% of you would answer… Read more →

Mingling with Singles tonight

Last 2 posted plays have been tight ones unfortunately close only matters with horseshoes and hand grenades. I have been trying too hard to impress the Parlay Puppy with my multiple game selections so I am getting back into my groove picking single game winners.   Tonight I have made 3 plays:   Stars – 130 vs Avs : Both… Read more →

Rebound with the Kings

Unfortunately the last posted pick went 1 for 2 due to the Flames being blanked by the Rangers. Another heavy schedule tonight on the ice. The red hot Kings are back in action tonight looking match a franchise record for consecutive wins against the Senators. The Sens are playing over their heads now with an untested tender in Hammond who… Read more →

Doubling Down

Well of course the huge favourite I include on my scratch-n-win has to choke it up and lose to the lowly Celtics. Thankfully it was only 1 unit lost, and we live to see another day. Tonight I’m doubling down and making two Safeway peel-n-wins to bring me back into the green. Hop on board because we about to be… Read more →

Parlays 101

In the world of sports betting, you must know your parlay slang to be respected. Without respect, your picks are worthless and you’ll be back on in no time. I’m here today to educate you on how to refer to certain parlays. We will start with the smallest and work our way up into the true lotto tickets. The… Read more →

Kings Still Ruling Picks

After a 2 game night the NHL returns tonight with an 11 game sched (I’m sure the puppy will have some action tonight). I will be riding the Kings until they give me a reason not to, but with their less than favourable odds tonight I had to pair them up with another game. Cue the Calgary Flames who are… Read more →