Futures Friday

A series of unfortunate events led to the loss of my parlay last night. But that has only increased my chances of winning tonight, right? Making up for last nights losses, I’ve created a quick peel-n-win and a $1 western for you all to ponder. Since it’s Friday, and I’m feeling generous, I am sharing some futures bets for the masses. These are solid gold LOCKS, so get the wagers placed before the sharps read this and swing the odds.

NHL Peel-N-Win
LAK @ ANA – LA MoneyLine +100
BOS @ NJD – BOS MoneyLine -115
Betting 0.5 units to profit 1.37 units

NBA $1 Western
BKN @ HOU – HOU (-2.5) LineSwinger -230
CHA @ BOS – BOS (+1.5) LineSwinger -175
LAC @ MEM – MEM (-2.5) LineSwinger -175
Betting 1 unit to profit 2.54 units

Futures Friday
Division Winners

Cleveland Cavaliers
Memphis Grizzlies
Montreal Canadians
Anaheim Ducks
NY Islanders or Pittsburgh Penguins
Nashville Predators or St. Louis Blues
Bonus pick – Oklahoma City Thunder

Payouts on the above vary, but best case scenario with OKC and the Blues coming back to win their divisions, it will yield immense profits. I’ve bet 0.5 units on the 4 tickets, and an additional 0.25 units on the OKC bonus play. Payouts vary. Assuming MTL, ANA, MEM, and CLE win: if,
NYI/NAS win profits 8 units
NYI/STL win profits 19.1 units
PIT/NAS win profits 8 units
PIT/STL win profits 19.1 units
NYI/NAS/OKC win profits 16.75 units
NYI/STL/OKC win profits 38.91 units
PIT/NAS/OKC win profits 16.75 units
PIT/STL/OKC win profits 38.91 units

Rmemeber, keep it a game.

-The Pup

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