Monthly Archives: December 2016

New Years Resolution

I’m not typically a guy who makes New Years resolutions, but this year and I guess the rest of my life I am going to have to. Like most people I have been let down in certain situations from family, friends, SOs and co-workers throughout my time on the planet. But, the person who has let me down the most… Read more →

The Unexplainable, Explained

Not long after going O-fer on my parlay last week, I dug deeper into how that could even be possible. Spoiler: It’s not. After rechecking my parlay-driven algorithm, the stunning results showed that there is a Global Anti-Parlay Network that has made it’s way into Canada. Sportsbooks from around the world have been funding this effort, as it’s been said… Read more →

Return of The Pup

For the past 9 months, The Parlay Puppy has been compiling analytical athletic data and feeding it into a complex parlay-driven algorithm. What this data has unveiled is a one-of-a-kind set of rules that will deliver bink after bink. I will be following these rules, so come along on a ride with The Pup to financial freedom. My partner Senor… Read more →