The Unexplainable, Explained

Not long after going O-fer on my parlay last week, I dug deeper into how that could even be possible. Spoiler: It’s not.
After rechecking my parlay-driven algorithm, the stunning results showed that there is a Global Anti-Parlay Network that has made it’s way into Canada. Sportsbooks from around the world have been funding this effort, as it’s been said that parlays have made some of these sportsbooks go nearly bankrupt. They must have seen my success from earlier this year (+12.33 units ATM), and decided to pay one or more of these professional teams to lose, costing me my bet.
This syndicated networks insistence on banning parlays leaves me no other option than to stick it to the man and roll out a 10 game LottoMax style parlay that the algorithm says is a LOCK.
Without further ado… Here are The Pup’s Moneyline LOCKS for this weekend:

DET over FLA – Moneyline +125
LAK over DAL – Moneyline +115
CAL over VAN – Moneyline -175
NYI over BUF – Moneyline -145
HOU over MEM – Moneyline -155
ATL over DEN – Moneyline +160
TOR over UTA – Moneyline -120
SF over LA – Moneyline +180
BAL over PIT – Moneyline +210
OAK over IND – Moneyline -185

10 Play Parlay (+134,588)
Bet 0.33 units to win 444.14 units.

Please gamble responsibly.
-The Pup

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