Swingin’ Lines

With last nights bink on the NHL parlay, the Pup is batting a scorching 1.000 on the year. If you’re interested in money, then the time is now to get on the train with us to the promised land. Señor and I have been cooking up new deals on S3 subscription packages. With a premium package you will get exclusive parlays from the Pup, and risky Señor “one time big bet” advice! Our success speaks for itself. The Pup is +17.46 units, and the oven is only on preheat!

Tonight I’m going with a 3 game parlay from across the sports spectrum:

NFL: KC @ OAK under 47.5
MLB: NYY @ HOU over 6.5
NHL: NJ @ OTT under 5.5

Betting 1 unit to profit 4.14 units.

Gamble Responsibly

⁃ The Pup


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