Monthly Archives: February 2015

The Streak Begins

As I said in my introductory post, the demand for parlay LOCKS has reached the point of no return. The broke fiends have been blowing my up cell phones and twitters for some scratch ticket picks. I could start this streak off with a simple 2-game parlay (aka the Safeway peel-n-win ticket), but to show I mean business, I’m giving… Read more →

Parlay Puppy

  I’m coming out of retirement. Demand for parlay winners, whether it be scratch tickets or full on Powerball lotteries, has reached a breaking point. No longer can my plays be secret. I could be selling these picks to millions of followers on the line. Instead, I’m going the Robin Hood route and posting them here, for free. Please enjoy… Read more →

Stadium Series Selection #1

  The LA Kings have been on fire lately and show no signs of slowing down after winning 6 in a row which allows them to remain in the playoff discussion. Both teams are fired up for this huge 4 point divisional tit. Will be riding the Kings on their heater as they’ll be well rested and prepared after last… Read more →

Guess Who’s Back!!!!

  There have been rumours floating around the various forums that I had retired from wagering after the numerous Eli Manning games and most recently BeyoncĂ© Album of the Year fiasco. That is not the case. Over the past year or so I have been studying and dissecting each team in each league looking for the perfect opportunity to throw… Read more →