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Rising From The Ashes

Another year, another rise from the ashes for Strokin 3’s. In true Pup fashion, I’m starting it off with a quick parlay. Join me on this adventure to prosperity the likes this world has never seen before. Please gamble responsibly. Maple Leafs -1.5 over Red Wings Blackhawks vs Blues Over 5.5 Bet 1 unit to profit 4.46 units Read more →


When you’re hot, you’re hot. And right now, he pup is on fire! Binking another parlay last night, it feels like this Bink thing is going to be a regular occurrence. If you haven’t hopped on board and matched my bets, well you’re the only one to blame. Tonight I ride the waves of success and strike while the iron… Read more →

The Eternal Chase

Haters Gonna hate, but sometimes a cold streak will hit. You must persevere. To do that, I’m doing what any reasonable gambler would do… double down again, because I’m due for a win. Empty your bank accounts, remortgage your house, do whatever it takes to join me on this journey to Binksville, USA tonight. Cle Cavaliers (-1.5) at SA Spurs… Read more →