The Parlay Puppy

The Eternal Chase

Haters Gonna hate, but sometimes a cold streak will hit. You must persevere. To do that, I’m doing what any reasonable gambler would do… double down again, because I’m due for a win. Empty your bank accounts, remortgage your house, do whatever it takes to join me on this journey to Binksville, USA tonight. Cle Cavaliers (-1.5) at SA Spurs… Read more →

Chasing Losses

One of the best gambling strategies is to chase your losses. If you lose, just double down and you can win it all back in one go. Tonight I plan on doing just that with a little NBA & NHL mixed parlay. Chicago Bulls (-6.5) at Phi 76ers -110 Calgary Flames ML vs Ana Ducks +135 Betting 2 units to… Read more →

The Comeback

Having been in the red since the outset of our return, I’m bumping up the stakes tonight and betting two whole units on a little Saturday parlay. Hop on board as we travel back into the black! Atl Hawks (-9) @ Phi -105 NY islanders MoneyLine @ FLA -170 Betting 2 units to profit 4.2 units -The Pup Read more →

Doubling Down

Well of course the huge favourite I include on my scratch-n-win has to choke it up and lose to the lowly Celtics. Thankfully it was only 1 unit lost, and we live to see another day. Tonight I’m doubling down and making two Safeway peel-n-wins to bring me back into the green. Hop on board because we about to be… Read more →

Parlays 101

In the world of sports betting, you must know your parlay slang to be respected. Without respect, your picks are worthless and you’ll be back on in no time. I’m here today to educate you on how to refer to certain parlays. We will start with the smallest and work our way up into the true lotto tickets. The… Read more →

Parlay Puppy

  I’m coming out of retirement. Demand for parlay winners, whether it be scratch tickets or full on Powerball lotteries, has reached a breaking point. No longer can my plays be secret. I could be selling these picks to millions of followers on the line. Instead, I’m going the Robin Hood route and posting them here, for free. Please enjoy… Read more →